6 Amazing Foods That Can Prevent Damage To Your Bones

6 Amazing Foods

Bone disorders are getting quite common these days as more people tend to follow an unhealthy lifestyle. In the last few years, the health cases related to bones have shown a spike. Our bones need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Your bones are made up of collagen, protein, and calcium and if you are not consuming enough of these nutrients then you are up for some serious health issues.

6 Amazing Foods That Can Prevent Damage To Your Bones

Some people prefer to consume hydrolyzed collagen to improve their bone health, you can call it a safe bet if you too busy to follow a healthy diet. We will discuss about healthy foods that will help you to improve your bones.

The most common bone issues that you can face are arthritis, osteoporosis, and metabolic bone disease. All these bone disorders are chronic and some of them are not treatable and only require a change in your lifestyle. The main issue with bone disorders is that you won’t even know any symptoms that can point toward such an issue.

You can prevent further damage to your bones and if you are not suffering from any bone disorder then by changing your diet, you will be able to improve your bone health. Although there are tons of other things that you can do and they are important as well. Still, your diet plays a major role in your bone health. The following 6 Amazing Foods are rich in nutrients that can boost your bone health and prevent any damage to them.


If it’s made from bones then it will be perfect for your bones. Yes, you guessed it right. Bone broth is cooked from the bones of cow, chicken, and duck. It really depends on what type of bones you want to use for your broth.

Bone broth is rich in calcium, collagen, and protein. All of these nutrients are extracted from the bones by cooking them for several hours. There is always confusion between stock and bone broth. Check out the stock vs broth comparison and you will have a good idea about both of them. Bone broth is more beneficial as compared to regular stock.


Seafood and especially shellfish are a good source of collagen and protein. Studies have shown that people who consume shellfish in their daily diet have stronger bones. Apart from that, it can also improve your ligaments and tendons. There are tons of other fishes that you can consume and most of them are low in carbs and high in protein.

This is something that you should look for in a food that it should be low in carbs. This helps you to reduce your weight and maintain it at a healthy level. So add shellfish to your diet if you want healthy bones.


Berries contain antioxidants that help in reducing the inflammation of your bones and body. You have to keep in mind that inflammation can damage your bones a lot. Even arthritis is caused by the increased inflammation of bones. So add berries to your diet to reduce it.

There are 3-4 kinds of berries that you can eat. Raspberry, strawberry, and blueberry. I would recommend raspberry as it tastes great and is easily found.


Vitamin C is really important for your bones as it helps in producing more collagen in your body. Citrus fruits also help in improving your digestive health that can sometimes increase the inflammation of your body

Once you add citrus fruits into your diet, you will notice that it can help you to improve your bone health. There will be significant results after you start consuming oranges in your diet.


Lean beef and chicken breast are rich in collagen and protein. What’s more beneficial about these two is that it helps in improving your muscles health. Once your tendons are strong they will be able to hold your bones together and this will reduce the chance of bone fractures.

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If you are overweight then it can be dangerous for your bones. Once you gain and lose weight, it also affects your bone health. So if you are constantly gaining and losing weight, you have to stop that and maintain it by eating healthy protein foods that include beef and chicken.


Milk, cottage cheese, and cheese are three of the most consumed dairy foods from the 6 Amazing Foods. They are rich in calcium and protein that helps your bones to stay strong and healthy. So start by adding milk to your daily diet. Although there are certain people who can’t drink milk or eat dairy foods. They should avoid consuming this and can replace it with the foods that I have mentioned above.


Once you start consuming these foods, after a few weeks you will notice a good amount of energy in your body. Protein, collagen, and calcium are the most important nutrients for your bones and if you are consuming them in your daily diet then you don’t have to worry about your bone health. The 6 Amazing Foods that I have mentioned above are great for your overall health. It can improve your muscles, skin, and hair health as well.