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7 Types Eye Problems and Symptoms

Mostly, every individual face distinct eye problems in their life, the age can be any number. Some are minor issues that one can easily overcome with time whereas some require only special care of Ophthalmologist in Durant OK. Whether you faced any eye issues or vision wasn’t that great, there are a variety of things that you can perform to keep your eyes healthy. 

But first, let us talk about the different eye problems that can occur and how you can deal with them. 

  1. Night blindness

Do you find it difficult to see in the night? Or is it tough for you to walk through dark places like theaters? 

This looks like you might be suffering from night blindness. These are just the symptoms and not the disease. Reasons like cataracts, vitamin A deficiency, and other things causes night blindness that only the eye specialists can fix. But if the problem is not fixed on time then can further lead to vision loss also. 

  1. Eyestrain

Eyestrain is the eye problem that mostly the students and office going employees suffer from. Working on computers for long hours, studying continuously also put a strain on your eyes. You start feeling tired and all your body parts need rest. 

So, if your eyes feel stressed and strained then give them some relaxation. If you still feel the same stain then you need to consult an Eye Doctor in Durant OK. 

  1. Color blindness

When you fail to express the difference between two colors then these can be the symptoms of colorblindness. It mostly happens when the color cells of your eyes stop working or aren’t present at all. This kind of problem can occur due to some disease or drugs or can be by birth. So, no matter what the cause, always rush towards your doctor for such eye issues. 

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  1. Uveitis

Uveitis is a type of eye disease that destroys the eye tissues and if worsens then also lead to vision loss. This eye hassle can occur to people of any age group. Mainly, the reason behind this disease can be the immune system issues that include ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and more.

However, the symptoms may include eye pain, redness, light sensitivity, and more. So, if you see any of these symptoms or signs then without wasting time, consult your doctor for the proper treatment depending on your eye situation.  

  1. Presbyopia

This happens when you fail to see the nearly placed objects even after having a good and clear vision. So, anyone dealing with such sight situation can opt for various methods like the use of reading glasses or laser treatment to restore the eyesight and healthy reading vision.

  1. Floaters

Floaters are some form of tiny spots that keeps on floating on the eye field. People might feel them when are out in a brighter day or when sitting in well-lit spaces. Floaters are basically normal but can become severe over time if the proper care isn’t taken. The occurrence of floaters can also be a big reason or the signs of retinal detachment. So, if you feel any type of sudden changes in your vision then go to an eye specialist as soon as possible. 

  1. Red Eyes

Sometimes, your eyes become bloodshot. Do you know the reason why? 

This is so because the surface of the eyes is covered with the blood vessels that starts to expand due to some infection or eye irritation. The reason can be late night sleeping, eye strain or any type of allergy. However, this can not be ignored and immediate consultation with the doctor is required. 

Red eyes can be a signal of other eye problems such as sun damage, conjunctivitis. This can be also due to not wearing the shades or protecting your eyes from the sun or pollution damage from past many years. 

However, to overcome the issue of red eyes, you can get some eye drops and also you don’t get relief, visit your doctor. Ultimately, if you follow the strict health and eye care routine then you will not need to visit the doctor. But even if you are facing the allergies or vision problems then it would be better to visit your doctor on time. Good Luck!