How to Choose the Right Facewash for You and Tips to Use

Right Facewash

To choose the right facewash according to your skin, the most important thing is to first understand your skin type. It is very important to identify your skin from oily skin, dry skin, damaged skin, mixed skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, etc. As well as understanding your skin and routine needs, that is, most of your time Passes indoors or your lifestyle is very rushing and tiring. Makeup has to be done only occasionally or your work style demands daily makeup. What is the environment like where you live, means there are clean air and greenery around it or there is too much pollution, etc. A Right Facewash is chosen on the basis of all this and these are the things which are usually completely ignored. It is then blamed that even the most expensive facewash does not affect. Actually, the fault lies not with the choice of face wash, but for not choosing it correctly.

For sensitive skin

If your skin is sensitive then the first thing you should understand is that soap is not made for your skin. Facewash always choose medicated mild as per your skin. Those with very sensitive skin should not wash their face more than two times. It should also use face wash once and face cleansing once.

For Oily Skin

Oily skin people face some or the other problem, because for their skin, only face wash with salicylic acid is effective, which cleans the dirt and excess oil from the skin, but maintains the necessary natural moisture.

For Dry Skin 

Those with dry skin need a face wash that cleans the skin from dirt but saves the necessary moisture. For this, you need a very mild face wash. Also, you should avoid frequent face wash.


patchy skin

For those who have to do more outdoor work, their skin becomes patchy due to dust and palliation. The fair face wash is good for them. Also while choosing, make sure you go for good quality ayurvedic face cleansers.

The right way to use facewash

It is wrong to assume that washing your face with water and face wash to clean the face is enough. For this, some things need to be taken care of –

  1. Always wash face with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water should not be used to wash the face at all.
  2. Clean the face twice a day with a face wash. If you have come through a polluted place, then clean the face immediately after.
  3. Facewash should be rubbed lightly on the face, not rubbing too much. After massaging the face wash with a light hand on the face, all the dirt is removed by washing the face and blood circulation also remains healthy.
  4. Always wipe the face with a clean towel lightly. Scrubbing the face with vigor is likely to cause wrinkles on the skin quickly. Also, never use any other used towels on your face.
  5. After this, do not forget to apply a light moisturizer on the face.

Some more face wash tips

Washing your face is the routine work that we do just without paying attention, but you will be surprised to know that even in this normal-looking work, we make many small mistakes, due to which we have skin infections. These can be:

Not using the right cleanser

The PH balance of your cleanser should be according to the skin type of your face. There should be a foam-based cleanser for oily skin and cream-based cleanser for dry skin. If after facewash your face is tight, dry, or dirty, then it is a simple gesture that you need to change your cleanser. One more thing, if your face is dry, do not forget to use soap on your face, because it can cause dryness and irritation on your face.

Don’t put dirty hands on face

Do you wash your hands well before washing your mouth? If not, you are transferring dirt and bacteria through your hands on your face. If you feel that your hands will also get washed during washing, then you should consider this habit.

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Makeup will be washed off

It is absolutely true that when you wash your face, the makeup will be washed away, but due to this thinking, not removing the makeup from the face before the face wash can lead to unhealthy skin and dark complexion because without removing the makeup, the face wash is not possible. Are closed

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