How To Know If You’re Dealing With Vitamin Deficiency 

Dealing Vitamin Deficiency

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Today, we are here with one of the least talked about topics in our daily life i.e Vitamin Deficiency in the body. A well balanced and nutritious diet offers several health benefits. But just in case if your daily vitamin and nutrient needs are not met by your diet alone it is time for you to bring home some vitamin supplements. Bridge the gap between the required vitamins and deficit nutrients with a healthy dose of vitamin tablets. We will discuss about  Dealing with Vitamin Deficiency.

How To Know If You’re Dealing With Vitamin Deficiency

This article reviews some of the common signs and symptoms that will help you identify vitamin deficiency in the body :

  • Brittle Nails

If you are dealing with brittle nails or severe hair loss and damaged with split ends, it is clearly a visible deficiency of Biotin. Although Biotin deficiency is pretty rare, if it occurs you may experience several issues like thinning of hair, chipping nails, receding hairline & much more. It is advised to take vitamins for hair growth in case of severe hair loss as it nourishes the roots of the hair.

  • Bleeding Gums

We all know how essential are vitamins and minerals for our body, right? Well, if you are having trouble brushing your teeth, bleeding and swollen gums just when the brush touches your gums, you are dealing with a deficiency of vitamin C. Vitamin tablets are packed with essential nutrients for better nourishment of the body. Include citrus fruits, lemon, amla, and all things high in vitamin C.

  • Slow Healing

Slow healing of wounds is not only related to having high blood sugar levels in the body. One probable reason for the same could also be – Vitamin Deficiency. Whether it is your bleeding gum or a broken bone, vitamin deficiency in the body can take it forever to heal. Therefore keep your vitamin levels in check and ensure your body is well-fed and nourished.

  • Anxiousness

If you are feeling anxious, fatigued, tired, or lethargic throughout the day. Whether you are at work or at home, this might be a clear sign of vitamin deficiency in the body. Consult a doctor/healthcare professional or a nutritionist for a better understanding of the same.

  • Dandruff & Patches On The Scalp

Low intake of zinc, niacin, and other essential vitamins and minerals can lead to stubborn piling up of dandruff and patches on the scalp. In order to combat it, Include whole grains, organ meat, green veggies, nuts, seeds, and vitamin tablets, if needed, in your daily diet.

  • Irregular Heartbeat

Vitamin deficiency can be one of the reasons if you are experiencing frequent pacing up of heartbeat. Calcium is one important vitamin for good heart health and ensures the proper functioning of the same..

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Vitamin deficiency leading to a severe health issue is extremely rare. However if you ever witness any such symptoms or signs, do consult a doctor or nutritionist for the right prescription and cure for the same. Have a proper diet plan with a routined life to stay fit, fab, and healthy. We are sure this article will help you with more awareness of vitamin deficiency in the body.